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The Problem with Credit Cards
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Identity Theft:
One of the most talked-about and fastest growing white-collar crimes in history, identity theft is a problem you can't afford to ignore.

Where is the information kept:
• All information is stored on the computer it is installed.
• This software DOES NOT SEND any information anywhere, by any means. The information is safe.
• InCharge Software does not keeep or store any private information. If it is provided, InCharge Software will delete it immediately. The Company's only requirement is that the software be registered.

Using the Internet:
You are likely to use the internet and many activities are safe and getting safer. Institutions receiving payments make the greatest efforts in guarding their customers private data. They have had it for years and safeguarding is at the top of their list.

Using a Hosted Service:
• There are two ways that Expense Management can be done.

• One method is the Hosted Service; all information would be stored with the company providing the service. InCharge Software DOES NOT provide such a service.

• The second method is that the software and data be in the user's control at all times. This is the InCharge Software way.

Subscribing to Bill Pay:
• Signing up with Bill Payer is a fad that is being revived; it just does not allow for multiple checking account control or payments made with cash or distinguish subtle taxable vs. non-taxable expenses.
• Requires giving the Bill Payer very personal information.
Is the financial information safe(nowadays, probably Yes.)
• Will they pay on time (they were late a lot in the past.)
• What if they are late making payments.
• How much in advance does the money have to be committed.