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How many times have we heard this...

"I get in trouble using credit cards.
I need a process to catch up and get better control of their use."

The problem with Credit Cards use is rather basic...
The problem is NOT:

The Bank makes it too easy to get a card
The card company sends mailers all the time
They charge a high interest rate
• They make it too easy to use
• That we use the credit card
• That it is too easy to use
The problem is:

• The credit card charge is not treated as a form of payment
• The card use is not tracked like a check is tracked in a check register
• There is no "Credit Card Register"
• People are already experiencing a similar problem with Debit cards (by not recording the expense)
• The same problem would exist if we had no check register and just wrote checks
• We spend (charge) money we don't have!
• We asked for credit and now want to blame others for giving it to us
• We signed the application when we didn't have to!
The Solution is:

• Track / log credit card charges, like a written check is in the check register
• Maintain the equivalent of a check register for each credit card
• Use a spreadsheet for each credit card or,
use IC-Home
• Add all credit card charges and compare to checking account balance
• Treat each charge like a check payment