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Our Banking experience includes Irving Trust on Wall Street, The Federal Home Loan Bank of NY and Wells Fargo Bank.
Our technology experience includes IBM and CA
as well as several computer security companies.
Our Tax knowledge comes from over 15 years of Licensed Tax Preparation.

Product History (How it evolved):
Expenses / Bills overload:
• How many do I have
• When are they due
• Do I have the money to pay them
• I didn't realize I 'Charged' so much
• I forgot about the Holidays expenses

Manual Tracking was first:
• Make a list; Create a Budget
• Create a manual spreadsheet
• Create separate spreadsheets for each bill & expense
• Devote a lot of time with the calculator

Purchased First PC to manage cash flow:
• Expected software for home use to be available
• Software available is for business use
• Personal expenses need different process
• Business software: guess the budget for the year
• All my budget guesses were wrong (I knew that)
• All I got is a manual effort on the PC (spreadsheets)

Frequent Business Travel:
• Are all my bills paid
• What bills will be in my mail when I return
• Will I be late on any of my bills

Subscribed to Bill Pay:
• Signed up with Bill Payer; and they charged a Fee for this
• Gave the Bill Payer very personal information
• Is my financial information safe
• Will they pay on time (they were late a lot)
• What if they are late making my payments (made a lot of calls to reverse late charges & credit record)

Then, came Tax Filing Time:
• Need to add up tax deductible items
• How to group tax deductible expenses
• Had to move and rented out my house
• How to group rental expenses
• Started a seasonal Side Business
• How and what do I track for the Side Business
• So much time gathering all this information

It was time to Write a Software Program:
• No software to manage personal expenses
• I wrote software for the Bank
• Write my own program in dBase
• Upgrade program to FoxPro
• Many years have gone by and still no software for home use
• Time to make practical software available to others