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I don't have many bills
It's the Unexpected Expenses that cause me trouble
-Semi-Annual Insurance payment
-Bi-Annual Eye Dr. & glasses
I am ok paying my bills.
It's the
Year End tax Grouping and Tallying that kills me
I don't have the time to make extra entries into a software program
Too much trouble to set up a budget
I am in control of my bills; it's the Holidays expenses that mess me up
The only bill that I have problems with is my Credit Card bills
How many is 'Many?'

Lets see:
-(6) Gas, Electric, Phone, Rent, Cable, Insurance
-(6) Food, Gasoline, DMV, License, Repairs, Oil change
-(4) Auto Loan, Insurance,Tolls, Parking
-(2) Dry Cleaner, Clothes,

Don't forget Expenses that are
not 'Bills'

What about Expenses like Birthdays and Holidays?
Is it just about the number of Bills?
--- or ---
What we need to do with those Bills and Expenses?
-Define potential future expenses
-Sets money aside to pay for the Expenses

-Enter checks and Debit card payments in ICH instead of the check register

- A Check register is produced automatically
-This is not a budgeting program
-There is no guessing how much you will spend
-Recording payments is all that is needed
-Just define Holiday expenses
-When a deposit is recorded, funds are set aside/allocated to pay the expenses
Credit cards get special handling
- A credit card is first used as a method of payment
--(an expense was paid with a credit card)
-the money is set aside to pay the Credit card when it is due
I get detailed information from my Credit Card Co. at Year End
I use a BillPay Service and get detailed information from them.
What I really need is Tracking of Rental Properties Expenses and then arranging them for Tax filing.
I manage the bills fine; What I really need is a Business View of my Rentals and that is different than what the IRS wants.
What I really need is Tracking of Home Business Expenses and then arranging them for Tax filing.
I manage the bills fine; What I really need is a Business View of my monthly Home Business Income & Expenses.
I wish my bills and Expenses were consistent
-(same amount each month)

-It is close to impossible to make Bills and Expenses the same every month
-What most people want is:
--To have the same amount used for Expenses every month
--The same known amount available as "spending money"
Early warnings of upcoming expenses to be paid would help me avoid being late
A list of Expenses and bills due is shown everytime the program starts and when a new day begins
When I go on Vacation or holiday I am not sure what Expenses will be coming due
Expense due lists can be adjusted to show additional weeks of bills due

Divorce Court want regular updates on my expenses; it takes forever to tally and suit their groups
The special User Defined reporting was created to address this difficulty